Lawn Mower



My December

December has always been my favorite month of the year not only because it’s holiday season but for many other things. That’s why for this very last month of 2012, I will put up my favorite things in pictures and yes I am kinda inspired by Julie Andrews’ “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music which become one of most popular non-christmas related song but often included in christmas albums. So, even though I’m two-three days late, I welcome my December!

Personal Projects

Since I got my Alpha, I’ve been downloading ebook on how to handle it and mostly blogwalking and browsing about photography how-tos. Lots of ideas to copy 😉 and lessons to learn. So for the past 5 days, I’ve been hunting on a specific theme but it is far from ready to be posted, yet.

From those blog posts and articles, I noticed one rule which I kinda agree with :

“Show the best and ONLY the best of your shots”

Hence, I haven’t posted anything because I haven’t got my best in this theme yet. What theme is it? Well you just have to wait. The thing is, I’m mostly at my best when I’m underpressure and on deadline. I set my date, I’ll post next shots on August 17th, 11 pm Paris timezone (GMT +2).

And on this occassion (I rarely write in here), I want to thank you all for your likes and subscriptions. I appreciate it very much and I hope you can give me your comments or even suggestions on my photography self-learning projects. You can even request a photo theme and I will do my best to challenge myself into doing your request 🙂

Thank you and see you on 17th!