About me

Hello blogwalkers!

I just wanna say that this is not my first blog but indeed my first photoblog. I’ve been in and out in this blogosphere for about 10 years now. Tried almost any types of blogging, online diary, literature experiment, travel notes, etc and now this.

I am back home since January 2014 but sadly, I haven’t been able to post any shots until today (May 5th, 2014). I’m still trying to readapt myself to the city I live in and the society. As brave as I was when strolling the infamous part of Parisian streets, I feel super conscious about carrying my camera around this crowded city and have more hesitation even though I was born and grew up here.
For now, I can’t write much about what I’m hoping for the future other than to take more shots.


I must say that I am grateful to live in one of the most beautiful cities in this world and I obviously will take advantage of this city of lights while I’m still here. I just got this camera from my brother and I’ve never taken any photography classes, so it’s kinda just my eyes, hands and feelings with which I’m taking these photos. Mostly, I use Sony Alpha 330 but from time to time I take pictures with my Samsung tablet 8.9 (GT – P7300) and my Casio Exilim EX – Z9. I believe the beauty of a picture is not always defined by the camera itself but most of all by the eyes behind the viewfinder.

As a beginner, I welcome all advices and critics, especially on using my Alpha.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments (if you’d like to).


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