Graffiti – My Favorite Things 3




As you can see on my previous posts, I like taking street art especially graffiti. It’s not difficult, I must say, to find ’em in Paris. You can find graffiti at every corner of the city.

Before posting this I did a lil bit research, and by research means wikipedia -mind the adjective “lil”, on graffiti. I know now that in England, graffiti is not welcomed, even the parliament had to sign a charter stating “Graffiti is not art, it’s a crime.”

Well, I have to disagree with them cause to me, graffiti IS art. For ART is not only what you see in Louvre museum or any other art museum/gallery in that matter. It’s an expression of being. Heck, I once painted 2m2 of my ceramic floors and invited my friends to paint there too until it was a lil bit difficult to be in my tiny 25m2 studio.

I understand that there are some offensive graffiti but to put someone to jail because of wall-painting?

These photos were taken at one of the parisian metro(underground/subway) station where they painted half of its wall of glasses with graffiti and some portraits (of people who probably live in the neighbourhood).


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