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Graffiti – My Favorite Things 3




As you can see on my previous posts, I like taking street art especially graffiti. It’s not difficult, I must say, to find ’em in Paris. You can find graffiti at every corner of the city.

Before posting this I did a lil bit research, and by research means wikipedia -mind the adjective “lil”, on graffiti. I know now that in England, graffiti is not welcomed, even the parliament had to sign a charter stating “Graffiti is not art, it’s a crime.”

Well, I have to disagree with them cause to me, graffiti IS art. For ART is not only what you see in Louvre museum or any other art museum/gallery in that matter. It’s an expression of being. Heck, I once painted 2m2 of my ceramic floors and invited my friends to paint there too until it was a lil bit difficult to be in my tiny 25m2 studio.

I understand that there are some offensive graffiti but to put someone to jail because of wall-painting?

These photos were taken at one of the parisian metro(underground/subway) station where they painted half of its wall of glasses with graffiti and some portraits (of people who probably live in the neighbourhood).

Colors – My Favorite Things 2


INDIA is the word I use to define colors. I used to hate red, yellow and pink but now I can say that colors become one of my favorite things and when I see colorful objects, I feel very excited and happy to take pictures of ’em. And why India? While I’ve never been there (One day, I hope), I grew up watching hindi movies, yeap yeap… and I saw these saris and those accessories they wore, I just fell in love. They’re not shy about showing their colors. Oh, besides India, I learn that moroccans have a thing for colors too and yes, I would love to visit that country too…

I took the picture while eating in some american junkfood chain resturant with Ronald the yellow funny slash weird mascot and saw these balloons.

Languages – My Favorite Things 1


I have a thing for languages, accents and etymology. I currently speak three languages, studied two, grew up in two regional languages, know the basics of two and have interests in many other languages. So far, my life is surrounded by english, french, indonesian, bataknese, sundanese, japanese, german (deutsch), javanese, urdu, italian, spanish, greek, hungarian and slightly korean and russian.

This picture was taken in a public garden in Paris where the wall of “I Love You” is.

Here you can find translations of I Love You in some languages.
Je t’aime!

My December

December has always been my favorite month of the year not only because it’s holiday season but for many other things. That’s why for this very last month of 2012, I will put up my favorite things in pictures and yes I am kinda inspired by Julie Andrews’ “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music which become one of most popular non-christmas related song but often included in christmas albums. So, even though I’m two-three days late, I welcome my December!