The Odd Tweak

I purely believe that we don’t need to go 10.000 miles away to get the best shot because to me, the challenge of being a photographer is to be able to make a photo which speaks for itself wherever it was taken. Well, maybe it’s just because I don’t have enough Euro to get me to a land far far away.

For my first challenge, the theme is Black and White. After hunting for a week, I found it quite difficult to get the best BW shots which actually tell something. But then on my way to a meeting, I passed this ordinary parisian quartier/district and found this ‘shocking’ graffiti.

As I saw this image, I automatically recall the famous slogan of Nike, the famous sport apparels supplier. Just Do It. It intrigued my thirst for some ethymology, the history behind words. Some of Nike’s print ads themselves are quite intriguing and make me think about what the slogan wants to say in each ad.

NOW, back to my own shot. Apparently, after some googling time, I found out the story behind the slogan. And what surprised me the most is the fact that the slogan itself was the result of an alteration process from the last words of a criminal Gary Gilmore, executed by firing squad, “Let’s do it.”

The person who drew this graffiti may have thousand other reasons to choose the phrase to accompany the illustration, but I can’t stand to think about the irony of it. The famous slogan, originally ‘inspired’ by a death row inmate, find its way back after years of succesful tweaking and inspire some ‘artist/suicider/whatever’ to put the idea of death and ‘Just Do It’ in one single frame.

And this is what I called, the speaking image from everyday life episodes.


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