Things We Can Do When We’re Facing the Eiffel Tower

Okay. After spending two hours sitting alone with the surprisingly early autumn wind blowing in my face and observing people or should I say tourists to be specific, I began to shoot few expressions, well, gestures made by these happy people (they didn’t seem to mind the chilly weather). So here they are…

You can try to push it till your last breath…

High five it

Pick it up with your little fingers

Pretend it’s approximately your height or even smaller

Pretend it’s only a vase you can carry with your hands

Pretend you’re in The Netherlands and turn it into a windmill

Pretend you’re in Egypt and putting it inside a pyramid

Be a cameraman with your professional ENG camera OR your IPad

Or getting lost

Or contemplate it with your bff

Whatever it is, as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t break the law, just do it.


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